The Kashmir Files is nothing less than a tsunami at box office. I have been a movie buff since childhood and i'm used to research about movies/box office collection etc.
I have never seen such craze for a film that has no big actor/director/producer associated with it. 

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When a film releases, its first monday collection is always less than or equal to the first friday and day by day it decreases. 

In case of The Kashmir Files, it is not getting slow at box office. The box office collection is increasing only. I have strong feeling that this film is going to be all biggest blockbuster of Indian cinema ( According to ' RETURN OF INVESTMENT ). 

Lets check its 11 days total collection -

Indian (domestic) Box Office Collection:

 Friday (day 1)  3.55 Cr INR​​​​​
 Saturday (day 2)  8.50 Cr INR
 Sunday (day 3)  15.10 Cr INR
 Monday (day 4)  15.05 Cr INR
 Tuesday (day 5)  18.00 Cr INR
 Wednesday (day 6)  19.05 Cr INR
 Thursday (day 7)  18.05 Cr INR
 Friday (day 8)  19.15 Cr INR
 Saturday (day 9)  24.80 Cr INR
 Sunday (day 10)  26.20 Cr INR
 Monday (day 11)  12.40 Cr INR
 Tuesday (day 12)  10.25 Cr INR
 Wednesday (day 13)  10.03 Cr INR
 Thursday (day 14)  7.20 Cr INR
 Friday (day 15)  4.50 Cr INR
 Saturday (day 16)  7.23 Cr INR
 Sunday (day 17)  8.75 Cr INR
 Monday (day 18)  3.10 Cr INR
 Tuesday (day 19)  2.75 Cr INR
 Wednesday (day 20)  2.25 Cr INR
 Thursday (day 21)  2 Cr INR
 Friday (day 22)  1.50 Cr INR
 Saturday (day 23)  2.25 Cr INR
 Sunday (day 24)  3 Cr INR
 Monday (day 25)  1 Cr INR
 Tuesday (day 26)  80 Lacs INR
 Wednesday (day 27)  75 Lacs INR
 Thursday (day 28)  65 Lacs INR
 Friday (day 29)  50 Lacs INR
 Saturday (day 30)  85 Lacs INR
 Sunday (day 31)  1.15 Cr INR

While most of the films crash on first monday itself, the kashmir file is on a record smashing mode. 

Indian Box Office: 251.75 crore INR net.

Domestic Collection Breakdown: 

First Weekend: 27.15 Crores INR

First Week: 97.30 Crores INR

Second Weekend: 70.15 Crores INR

Second Week: 110.03 crore INR

Third Weekend: 20.85 crore INR

Third Week: 30.95 crore INR

Fourth Weekend: 6.75 crore INR

Fourth Weekend: 9.95 crore INR

India Gross Collection: 296.18 Cr INR

Worldwide Box Office Collection: 352 Cr INR (Gross).

The Kashmir Files has been made on a very limited budget (16 Cr INR). It has earned 251+ Cr INR in domestic market in the complete run and the ROI (return of investment) will be more than 1500% that makes it all time biggest blockbuster of India cinema (all industries). 

" Don't be surprised if 2nd Friday of Kashmir Files goes bigger than Akshay Kumar's Bachchan Pandey. 

No matter how big Bachchan Pandey is, The Kashmir Files is surely going to affect its collection. 

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Note: Few details may vary from the exact numbers. 

New Update 18/03/22 : On day 8 (Friday), more screens were added and now the film is running on 4500 screens worldwide. 

Domestic Screen Count: 4000

Overseas Screen Count: 500

This is a miraculous trend for the kashmir files. The film is already an all time blockbuster. No one can predict what will be it's lifetime collection. Advance booking is really solid for second weekend and it is surely going to cross 150 Cr INR in domestic market by the second weekend itself. 

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Jai Shree Ram, Jai Hind.